Are you the

missing piece?

What is it?

It's a Tech Jam that aims to develop solutions to real problems by creating games,
apps, or services for social and/or educational purposes.

These solutions must fit into themes suggested by social responsibility or
public benefit organizations.

The event's community has the opportunity to effectively contribute to solving the challenges set by the participating organizations.

where it takes place?

5 - 7 APRIL


05/04 (17h00)

Registration & Check-in

05/04 (19h00)

Opening Session

07/04 (17h00)

Project Delivery

07/04 (19h00)

Closing Session

How it works?

Theme presented by an organization.

Find a problem that affects many people and work to solve it.

Develop a project in 48 hours that can change lives!

who can participate?

Higher education students

Industry professionals


Students and Teachers

of Secondary Schools

how to participate?

1. Register for the event

2. Create a team

3. Choose a category

4. Develop the project in 48 hours

5. Present the project at the final session

which are the categories?

Are you the

missing piece?